In Your Case

Children these days are glued to their electronic devices – the days of make pretend and a genuine desire for learning new things are few and far between. How could the tools in a pencil case measure up against an everlasting machine, where games, friends and media are right at your disposal?

Our kids are still willing and able to express themselves and be inventive through their imagination. You can see it in the way that their eyes light up brighter than their tablet screens. The magic is trapped in their fingertips. Maybe all it takes is good old-fashioned pens and paper to let them shine.

On the other side of the coin, there is the creative-minded child whose mind is filled with ideas for projects and artistic endeavors. Store aisles are lined with enticing notebooks, markers and erasers – each item emblazoned with phrases such as, “The future depends on what you do today”. On the back of each product, in much smaller and less curly font, is the price sticker.

Suddenly, your little artist has stacked your shopping cart with craft supplies. Who would’ve thought that a pack of scented erasers could cost up to $5.00? The journal that says, “People disappoint, pizza is eternity”, doesn’t seem as funny when the cashier tells you the total of your purchases.

We hope In Your Case will please kids, young and old, and stay affordable for families. Enjoy.